Training courses and seminars covering RF design topics.
Two practising industry figures, Nick Long of Great Circle Design and Andrew Bateman of Avren Ltd, an expert on digital radio and modulation techniques, have been giving a series of short courses on RF Design practice and techniques.
These are intended for engineers with some starting knowledge of RF techniques, who want to improve their understanding, particularly of the real world practical issues. Topics covered include:
RF System Design
Modulation Techniques
Transmitter and Receiver Architectures
Antennas and Link Budgets
Spectrum Sharing and Compatibility
Future Trends
A one day course is given every year at the Radio Solutions Conference and Exhibition run by the Low Power Radio Association. This is a general introduction to RF Design and DSP issues for Short Range Devices.
A series of short follow on courses is planned that will go deeper into the technology.
For more information on courses in general contact Great Circle Design.