Great Circle Design designs and builds specialist intruments and equipment to meet specific requirements.
Great Circle Design can design and build specialist intruments and equipment containing RF, precision analogue and digital circuitry. This can be either as a one off device for a specific purpose or a short production run. Requirements for this arise from the need to solve difficult problems in the fields of:
Scientific instrumentation
Process monitoring and control
Control and Instrumentation
Precision measurements
Special functions / signal processing
Automatic Test Equipment
Special to Type Test Equipment
An example of this is it the work that GCD has done for JET, the European fusion research project. JET confines a plasma with magnetic fields and heats it to fusion temperatures by injecting several types of energy.
GCD has provided consultancy to JET and is also pleased to have designed and built key parts of the control systems for both the RF and the microwave heating.
GCD also designed and built the electronics for the National Engineering Laboratory for an insturment that analyses a gas by passing radio waves through it.