GCD provides high level technical consultancy on RF and wireless matters. This is backed by the resources of an extremely well equipped laboratory.
Great Circle Design offers technical advice and consultancy services to clients working with or evaluating radio and wireless technology. GCD has a fully equipped RF laboratory with test equipment covering the range DC to 3 GHz.
The expertise available covers both RF systems and detailed circuit design. It also includes antennas and electromagnetic field properties. Particular areas in which the company is active are Short Range Devices (SRDs) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). Consultancy services include:
Feasibility Studies
Project Definition
Standards generation
Problem analysis and solving
Product evaluation
Laboratory work - investigation and test
Regulatory and Approvals
Technical Support
Interference and Compatibility
SRD systems
RFID Technology
An example of high level consultancy is the work done on the GTAG Project. GTAG was an initiative to develop a global standard for UHF RFID. Nick Long was the RF expert on the three man team working for the Uniform Code Council that first drafted the technical standard for GTAG.
Prior to GTAG, each manufacturer offered his own proprietary standard, and protocols and frequencies varied around the world. GTAG was the global standard that brought them all together. It led to the ISO 18000 standard and the EPG Global specifaction which have enabled UHF RFID to take off worldwide.
The Uniform Code Council formed the EPCGlobal organisation. Nick remains active as an expert in the underlying technology making RFID work.